Flexible Integration Options – PIP Program

MojoPay’s Partner Integration Program (PIP) is our most advanced integration possible. It involves heavy lifting from both you and our developers. Typical coding time is around 40 hours. So, what does it do?

Our PIP program is designed for platforms and marketplaces, where we can pass back securely the credentials to the platform allowing their sellers to start processing immediately. This system also feeds a daily status report of closed and activated accounts allowing the platform or marketplace to maintain their clients merchant account status.

This easy to use sign up process solves several problems that exist today. First it removes the multi-step process of having a merchant get started on your system. By automating the credentials and sign up process, all the merchant will need is to complete the sign-up form and get started. Second, it helps the platform automate their approval process. No more offsite referrals that end up in black holes and complaints from your clients. No more delays in getting set up or countless documentation requests. Our PIP program auto determines risk and configures the merchant account to allow you sellers to engage and start selling when and how they want.

To find out more about our PIP program please reach out to us and a Relationship Manager will be in touch.