Fraud Scrubbing

MojoPay uses advanced fraud scrubbing techniques when processing every credit card transaction online.

What is fraud scrubbing? Quite simply it is a way to automatically accept/decline suspicious transactions. MojoPay can validate everything from addresses to CVV information on sales. If you require more security, MojoPay has plenty of add on features available to create a custom security solution optimized just for you.

Why should I use fraud scrubbing? If a fraudulent transaction occurs on your web site, it may take time for the transaction to be discovered and reported. When that happens, the merchant who honored the sale unknowingly is held fully responsible.

This is why fraud scrubbing is most important for online sellers and e-commerce web sites. Fraud scrubbing will add an extra layer of security to your business. We recommend fraud scrubbing to all MojoPay customers as it lets you worry less about the bad guys and more on sales.