Flexible Integration Options – Goldilocks

Our MojoPay automated enrollment form is “just right”!

We realize that some referral partners already have the customer data on-hand. To help ease the sign-up process, MojoPay invented our Goldilocks Program. This system allows you to pre-populate merchant information (minus sensitive information) via URL post to us. This will allow the clients referred by you to see an application with some if not all the information needed already there for them. The amount of information is completely up to you. You can pass minimal, or complete most of the form with information you have on file.

More importantly, the eliminates your clients having to re-enter name, phone, email, URL, etc. data fields a second time.

Our experience has shown that this method greatly reduces bounce rates off the sign-up form and helps ease the customer into completing the application.

To learn more about our Goldilocks program, reach out to a Relationship Manager today!